Community Features

  • Great neighborhoods for families
  • Contemporary and charming homes
  • Conveniently located
  • Excellent dining and shopping options

Real Estate in Fluvial, Gaviotas, and Aramara

The neighborhoods of Fluvial, Gaviotas, and Aramara are ideal for families looking to relocate to this tropical metropolis. The majority of Puerto Vallarta’s private schools and daycares are located here. Additionally, the location makes these communities a great choice for working professionals due to their close proximity to downtown Puerto Vallarta and accessibility to Puerto Vallarta’s international airport.

Real estate in Fluvial, Gaviotas, and Aramara offer a wide variety of architecture and design. The homes are typically priced more affordably as the location of these neighborhoods is set back from the coastline and from popular tourist areas.


Situated north of the Pitillal River, Aramara holds true to the traditional feel of Puerto Vallarta with classic architecture from the region.


Fluvial lies between Aramara and Gaviotas. This neighborhood is characterized by contemporary homes with convenient access to charming parks.


South of Fluvial is Gaviota, a neighborhood characterized by older villas and charming homes that sit on cobble streets.

What to do in Fluvial, Gaviotas, and Aramara

Activities and sights


Fluvial, Gaviotas, and Aramara are just minutes away from Galerias Puerto Vallarta, a large mall with a Cinemex movie theater. Familiar shopping locations such as Walmart, Sam’s, and Costco are also easily accessible from these neighborhoods.


Sports centers, shopping, a movie theater, and parks are some of many family friendly options available to residents of these neighborhoods.

Surrounding neighborhoods

These neighborhoods are conveniently located between Marina Vallarta and Old Town. The Hotel Zone, where Puerto Vallarta's top restaurants are located is only minutes away.

Properties for sale in Fluvial-Gaviotas-Aramara

$ 2,900,000 USD
  • Bedrooms
    8 Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
    11 Bathrooms
  • 8,608 sqft
Lote Delfines
$ 1,945,000 USD
    $ 1,650,000 USD
    • Bedrooms
      6 Bedrooms
    • Bathrooms
      10 Bathrooms
    • 8,595.94 sqft
    Villa Versailles Novie
    $ 1,495,000 USD
    • 69,466.56 sqft
    Villa de Marlin
    $ 1,475,000 USD
    • Bedrooms
      8 Bedrooms
    • Bathrooms
      8 Bathrooms
    • 6,456 sqft
    Casa Gaviotas
    $ 1,259,900 USD
    • Bedrooms
      4 Bedrooms
    • Bathrooms
      5 Bathrooms
    • 3,260.27 sqft
    Hacienda Los Mangos
    $ 1,255,020 USD
    • Bedrooms
      7 Bedrooms
    • Bathrooms
      8 Bathrooms
    • 5,238.93 sqft
    Casa Cinco Gaviotas
    $ 1,218,000 USD
    • Bedrooms
      4 Bedrooms
    • Bathrooms
      5 Bathrooms
    • 6,725 sqft
    Rancho Caballero
    $ 1,162,790 USD
      $ 1,075,000 USD
      • Bedrooms
        5 Bedrooms
      • Bathrooms
        7 Bathrooms
      • 5,556.89 sqft
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