“I was looking for an investment in the Banderas Bay area, so I went to the Applegate office and told Pedro our investment needs: type of property (beachfront land), Long term investment (5+ years), expected ROI and the area we thought would be most suitable and in line with our vision. I did some research over the internet, spoke with other realtors in the PV-area and returned to Europe. Pedro proposed to make a field search and suggested he would meet with the local people in the area. He found sellers offering better deals than anyone else could identify. The acquisition process was supported 100% by Pedro and the Applegate Team: they did everything including the deal closing on our behalf. Pedro is very practical, pragmatic and does what he says he will do. I definitely recommend to contract Pedro and Applegate Realtors services for a safe investment in the Puerto Vallarta Area.”

Arnaud Snippe & Thomas Reekers, Investors

Marc Serrao knows Vallarta is honest and does a good job. We recommend him.

Bill Williams

Marc Serrao guided me through my first international real estate purchase with confidence and professionalism which made the transaction much less anxiety provoking. I would purchase Mexico property with Marc without hesitation.

Brian Nibler

I am fortunate to own a significant amount of real estate and thus have dealt with many different realtors. My first experience in PV wasn't great because the realetor basically thought everything was a good buy. Eventually I found Marcel and decided to work exclusively with him because he listened very carefully to my needs and was very focused on what I wanted/needed, not just to get a deal. Marcel has gone above and beyond, even after the sale. He has been a huge help with design, vendor management, and ensuring my property ends up being what I wanted. I can't say enough about his loyalty and work ethic. He isn't just a realetor he is a business partner!

Dana Paulsen and Diego Johnson

You have represented us for the past 2 years as our realtor. You assisted us in finding a rental when we first moved to PV, and subsequently when we bought our home here. We have always been impressed by your professionalism and positive attitude. As our agent, you always returned phone calls promptly and have been available when we have needed you. During the process of purchasing our home, you always gave us sound advice and acted as our advocate. Your knowledge of local listings and locations is impressive. We would recommend Marc Serrao to anyone seeking your services.

David and Judy

"It is with pleasure that I've been invited to comment on my experience working with Pedro in the purchase of my home. Whilst I have bought and sold a number of properties, I have never encountered such a level of excellent service. The experience at each stage of the purchase was superior, such as proactive facilitation during the purchase negotiations/due diligence and ability to advise me post home inspection. All of these tasks, whether business-related or interpersonal, were accomplished with a noticeable degree of competence, humility, integrity and grace. I would not hesitate recommending Pedro to anyone who is looking to buy or sell a home, as well as seek his service in any of my future real estate transactions."

Dominik-Sebastian Choy. V177 Owner (Investor)

Gabriel y Jocelyn

We met Pedro Robin at the Amapas 353 Project. The building was just 4 floors at the moment, once we evaluated the units availability and got advice from Pedro we picked a unit we liked. Pedro supported us in the process to deal with the developer price and terms. After that we chose several upgrades, so Pedro brought us with the architect so the upgrades were ready at the delivery. We are very excited about our investment. We received weekly updates from Pedro so we could follow the overall progress plus our unit´s progress. We feel confident about the security and the quality of our investment, and Pedro helped us to enjoy our property from the very beginning. We would pick Pedro again for any real estate transaction in the future.

Gabriel and Jocelyn

"TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: I had the pleasure of meeting Pedro last winter while inspecting the condominium known as 353 Amapas which was then under construction. At that time, all the studios were reserved that interested me. When a studio became available a month later, Pedro secured it for me. Since that time, Pedro has done many things for me that go above and beyond what could be reasonably expected of him. Some examples of what I mean are below: 1. Pedro recommended a very competent and reasonable attorney to represent me; 2. Pedro introduced me to an interior decorator that had excellent resources at her disposal that proved very useful to me; 3. Pedro provided countless updates on the progress of the construction with numerous pictures including those of my apartment; 4. Pedro conducted an inspection of my apartment upon completion and prepared a punch list of things that still needed to be done; 5. Pedro secured quotes on two upgrades for me; 6. Pedro arranged for electric service for my apartment; and 7. Pedro advised me on whom to hire to manage my apartment and to arrange vacation rentals of it. If you are looking for an extraordinary broker to represent you who thinks on your behalf, then Pedro Robin is your man.

George Ginther, AMAPAS 353 Owner

You are amazing Marc Serrao! I admire and respect your approach and integrity! You are one of the best realtors I have ever dealt with, and it shows in how you handle yourself. Thanks for all of your hard work.

Hiram Banks

I have to say that Marc Serrao is an amazing realtor. I reached out to Marc 2 years ago by email when we started thinking about buying a place in Puerto Vallarta and we probably spent 4 to 6 months narrowing down locations and options before our arrival to start looking. We had a 1 day pre-meeting at his home followed by a very busy day looking at approximately 8 options. We walked into 1 place and new it was the place for us and made an offer that day. Our offer was accepted before we left Mexico and closed 4 months later. Marc has now been helping us decorate our vacation home and he is amazing to work with. I have been involved in Real Estate in the US and Marc is on of the best real estate professionals I have ever worked with. He made buying a place in Mexico easier than it was to refinance our condo in San Francisco. Thanks again Marc for making our dreams come true - I wish we were on House Hunters International with you because you were AMAZING.

John Kennedy

"I met Pedro at an Applegate development, looking for a condo that worked for pleasure and vacation time, but I also wanted a good investment. We worked together for more than a year, evaluating available options and how the options evolved. According to Pedro’s advice, Pre-Construction developments were the best investments (because of pre-construction discounts), so we focused on this type of product. We were strategically ready to offer in the very early stages of one of the premium located developments in Old Town. This allowed me to get the best possible deal and also the best unit in the project. Pedro lead me in all legal related issues and I also took his recommendations in many cases, according to his knowledge of the developer and negotiation style of the local market. This allowed me to get extra benefits unseen for me at the beginning of the process. I feel confident I will have a wonderful unit, as all units I saw were built timely by HEVA. I will work with Pedro in any Real Estate Related business in the future and I encourage buyers to contact him"

John Ribson, Investor.

I realized that here we are about ready to start another Season in Vallarta, unfortunately I did not get to see you when I was down in September to set up the condo. It is now fully furnished and ready for this Winter Season. I'm sure you get requests from new clients asking about your service with other clients. Well I for one, along with other of my friends who have purchased properties thru you, have been more than happy with our dealings. You were recommended by one of them. You were prompt when you picked me up to take me to visit several properties, giving back-ground on each one and explaining the 'pros and 'cons' of the area...shopping..transportation, etc to various places from each one. I am THRILLED with my purchase of the condo I decided on to buy. I look forward to visiting with you when I arrive later this Month. Thanks Marc Serrao for looking after the business with the 'notario' and setting up the 'Trust". If and when I need more "info" I feel I can call upon you at any time.

John Shannon

Purchasing or selling in a foreign country is both exciting and scary all at once. You’re doing a real estate transaction in a foreign language, in a different culture and you can’t always be there for the whole process. We were very lucky to find Carmen Garcia at that time. She took the scary right out of the picture. She was with us every step, made sure we understood everything and that everything was done in the correct manner. When we couldn’t do it, she did. She was a professional, a helper, and a friend. You couldn’t find a better agent! - Yolanda Schachter I am happy to write for Carmen Garcia, I have nothing but good things. She is professional in her business, and she knows about everything, and she is also honest. My wife & I were very happy with her performance. We would recommend her to any people we know. - Martin Schachter

Martin and Yolanda Schachter

There are many good realtors but few are outstanding Applegate Relators and agent Alvaro Garcia are that one in a million. As first-time property owners in Mexico, my husband Don and I had many questions and concerns, Alvaro explained every detail of ownership, answered all our questions and explained everything we needed to know in a clear concise language easily to understood. But it didn't stop there. After all the "t's" were crossed and the "i's" were dotted and everyone had signed on the lines above our printed names; Alvaro continued to come to our rescue.  He assisted us with our telephone, wifi, and cable service and also electric.  He even went with us and acted as interpreter when we later decided to purchase a vehicle. Alvaro's professionalism and integrity are valuable assets to Applegate. We received the most excellent level of service anyone could ask for.   Along with a "great deal" on a "great condo" in a "great town " in Paradise PV, we also found a great, true and everlasting friendship.  Thank you, Alvaro. And thank you Applegate Realtors.

Mary and Don Schwalbach

For being first time investment property owners in Mexico and with a very limited amount time during which we could look at homes while we were visiting Puerto Vallarta, we had a lot of angst about the entire homebuying process.   In addition to being concerned about finding a reputable realtor and the language barrier, we also had lots of questions about dealing with sellers, builders and property managers as well as the steps involved in the closing process for non-Mexican citizens.

 In came Miles with his can do attitude, perfect English and his wealth of knowledge of the PV real estate market.  He had our entire day mapped out and we were able to look at 9 properties in the span of 7 hours; as we toured each property, Miles highlighted both advantages and disadvantages of each property including rentability, location, views, upcoming construction that could block the view, etc.  He also asked us to keep an open mind as he took us to a new development, again notating the pros and cons of purchasing properties in the pre-construction phase.   We never felt pressure to buy; Miles simply presented the facts and left it up to us to make a decision – something a first time homeowner truly appreciates.

 Miles answered all our questions with ease and made us so comfortable with the entire buying process that we made an offer the following day.  After we went back to the US, we stayed in constant communication with Miles, who was always willing to go the extra miles to ensure he is providing amazing customer service.   We lost count on how many times we asked him to visit the construction site and provide us photos of the progress as well as to negotiate with the builder/listing agent on modifications we needed to make to the unit.  Miles did it all with a smile and a positive attitude.

 When we went back to PV for our second trip, Miles again offered his time (even on weekends) to drive us around to furniture builders and to get us familiar with the City – something for which we did not have time during our first trip.    As the construction draws near to an end, Miles continue to check on us to make sure we had no questions or concerns.

 We highly recommend Miles for your homebuying needs.  His customer service is second to none!

Miles Gallardo| Applegate Realtors

Richard and Mike

We met Pedro Robin in an Applegate Development, V399. Pedro showed us the units, and showed us the features and benefits of each unit compared to others, he helped us to decide what was best for us according to our needs. He provided us with valuable information helped us make the decision with regards to the potential rent ability of the condo according with Applegate statistics in the area. He also represented us in the delivery of the unit, doing the inspection of the unit because we were outside of Vallarta. Finally, Pedro provide us with referrals to the best interior designers to help use decorate our condo to our taste. He made the overall process very easy. We will endorse him to anyone with no doubt.

Richard and Mike

"Have you ever felt your real estate agent worked for the seller, not you? Well, you will never think this when Marcel Vobejda is your agent. Through thick and thin, helping you through any obstacle, Marcel is a true buyer’s agent. It will be you and Marcel against the owners/developers. He is a fierce negotiator. He painstakingly works to get you the best deal possible so you can be happy in your dream home. Based upon my experience in the PV market, many agents don’t give you this level of service. He scours the market and gives you up-to-date information on what's available. When a new property hits the market, you will know. When a property drops in price, you will know. He sends comps to give you an idea of current price trends. He keeps you informed even if you live in the States or Canada. Once the sale is made, how are you treated? Marcel has a critical eye and will make sure all the legal documents are perfect for escrow. He even took me to CFE to change the electricity bill to my name. Now that is over and above the call of duty! Marcel also recommended an excellent home improvement firm to update our house and add solar panels. We couldn’t be happier! In summary, we have worked with many agents throughout the world and by far, Marcel is the best agent we've ever had. 5 stars."

Robert Genis and Leona Downey

We would like to whole heartedly recommend Marc Serrao as not only a realtor but a great house designer. We have spent loads of time together touring houses, he is fun to be around and honest about the properties. He was very professional with our buying experience. He is a great asset to PV!

Ron and Donna Thompson

"We met with Pedro Robin at the most fantastic condo we have seen or rented in more than 30 years of visiting Puerto Vallarta. Pedro knows his market and is mindful of the trends and after some debate on our part, he steered the course to a successful bid and purchase of our slice of paradise at V399. Purchasing and owning property in a foreign country can be very daunting and stressful. Pedro was with us through the entire process and beyond. He was able to recommend where to go, who to see, and help with our issues with language. He was able to keep us excited rather than stressed about our new home. Post sales service was also exemplary. Even though we were at home in Canada, he stayed in constant contact with us and acted as our liaison with trades people. The ‘dumb’ new-owner questions were not too trivial for Pedro – he even helped us fix mismatched toilet seats. Again nothing too trivial. At the end of this process we now have a place to call home and a friend to visit every time we come back to Vallarta"

Ted Musgrove & Allan Rhodes, V399 Owners