Puerto Vallarta

Community Features

  • Traditional colonial charm & modern architecture
  • Food mecca of the Pacific Coast
  • Dynamic terrain and views of the Banderas Bay
  • Water sports and deep sea fishing

Real Estate in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is one of the most enticing destinations on Mexico’s Pacific Coast. Comprised of various neighborhoods, each with their own unique character, this region truly offers something for everyone.

Puerto Vallarta real estate is characterized by an eclectic collection of innovative and traditional architecture. Traditional Puerto Vallarta architecture blends mountain and coastal elements, while beachfront homes are typically constructed with a more open, modern style. When the Spanish arrived, they incorporated arches, domes, and courtyards into much of the architecture seen today.

Neighborhoods in Puerto Vallarta

Things to do in Puerto Vallarta

The Banderas Bay has over 80 kilometers (50 miles) of diverse shoreline. Here, you’ll find rocky coves and sandy beaches that surround Puerto Vallarta and an unlimited amount of options of things to do. Puerto Vallarta is the best of both worlds. Its character, shaped by the fusion of a tranquil, world-class beach resort and the benefits of city living, give rise to the wide range of activities in Puerto Vallarta.

Activities and sights

The Malecon

At the core of Puerto Vallarta, is the Malecon - a beautiful promenade full of sculptures, local boutiques, restaurants, bars, local artists, and views of the gorgeous Banderas Bay. When the sun goes down, the Malecon is at the center of nightlife in Puerto Vallarta.

Water sports and other activities

The unique terrain of the Banderas Bay, which incorporates the foothills of the Sierra Madre Mountains, lush jungle, and the crystal waters of the bay, provides a limitless environment for sports and activities.


Puerto Vallarta has a rich culinary experience. Dining options range from local food trucks on the beach to fine dining options in the Sierra Mountains with the best sunset views of the Banderas Bay. International chefs make their way to Puerto Vallarta for an annual gourmet food festival. Weekly food markets provide locals and tourists alike with savory, artisanal options.


Puerto Vallarta is home to one of the most influential art scenes in Mexico. Galleries dedicate themselves to showcasing sculptures, pottery, paintings, indigenous art, folk art, and creations from budding Mexican artists. The Puerto Vallarta Art Walk is an initiative by the Historic Society to promote local art. A self-guided tour, as well as cocktail exhibitions through cooperating galleries in the Historic District, leads viewers through a dynamic journey of local and international art.


Nightlife in Puerto Vallarta is just as varied and lively as the natural landscape. Watching the iconic sunset is routine for both locals and tourists. After the sun goes down, the nightlife heats up. The Malecon is lined with trendy nightclubs, while many restaurants and nightspots offer live music. For a more low-key night, opt for a twilight cruise or cocktails on a terrace with breathtaking nighttime views of the Banderas Bay.

Properties for sale in Puerto Vallarta

Lots Los Arcos
$ 18,000,000 USD
    MLSID# 31322
    $ 7,700,000 USD
    • Bedrooms
      8 Bedrooms
    • Bathrooms
      12 Bathrooms
    • 21,520 sqft
    $ 7,000,000 USD
      $ 6,500,000 USD
      • 17,533.31 sqft
      $ 6,350,000 USD
      • Bedrooms
        6 Bedrooms
      • Bathrooms
        6 Bathrooms
      • 47,360 sqft
      $ 5975,000 USD
      • 33,619.83 sqft
      Quinta Maria Cortez-CasaTres
      $ 5950,000 USD
      • 24,079.26 sqft
      Quinta Maria Cortez-TresVidas
      $ 5950,000 USD
      • Bedrooms
        19 Bedrooms
      • Bathrooms
        20 Bathrooms
      • 24,079.26 sqft
      Villa Armonia
      $ 5500,000 USD
      • Bedrooms
        9 Bedrooms
      • Bathrooms
        15 Bathrooms
      • 27,308.88 sqft
      The Reef
      $ 5500,000 USD
      • Bedrooms
        5 Bedrooms
      • Bathrooms
        7 Bathrooms
      • 7,599.14 sqft
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